Why so many of us like Bernie

The corporate media, notably MSNBC, the Times and the Washington Post have a non-stop effort to bury Bernie’s candidacy and ignore/antagonize the many of us who support him. This week, Bernie had a heart attack and the war-monger Brian Williams could not bring this up enough times (the New York Times close behind). I like and admire Elizabeth Warren and Julien Castro and, to an extent, Kamala Harris (eloquent, if she would abandon the corporate elite…). But the corporate media and the poor commentators (who really need to get a life) would bet that again crushing all us supporters of Bernie will produce a big turnout for whomever else they can nominate against the tyrant. Warren would beat Trump (even with the risk of computerized machine vote stealing as in the last election – https://www.thedailybeast.com/how-do-we-know-our-elections-are-fair ).

But Bernie is something special. What is most noticeable about Bernie in his interactions with people who are desperately ill or who have lost loved ones is heart. He is the only politician who went into so-called “red” states, to speak to ordinary people about the ACA. He is the only one who beats Trump even among white working class men in Michigan. With the faces and mouths of CNN/MSNBC commentary (all the names are better forgotten…) and the images of Bernie in encounters large and small, just watch this and ask yourself what human being and what movement might actually make this a modestly inclusive and less warlike place: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZhkKATtqtU&feature=youtu.be