Beautiful and true words from Oprah and Barack Obama with Stacey Abrams: Vote!

There is only one thing to do in the next hours: vote, vote, vote, vote. And get your friends and relatives to vote, call people about whether they have gotten everyone they know to vote, vote as if the democracy and your life depends it, because there is a really good chance it does. A police state with murders of the elderly at Kroger’s and at a synagogue in Pittsburgh or a move toward a decent regime in Georgia, in Congress – that is what is at stake.

To find some inspiration, listen to Barack Obama with Stacey Abrams – one of Barack’s best speeches including the one on race, the one in Charleston…you could listen to it today or this evening

and Oprah with Stacey from the day before

– you could listen to that Monday night.

If you are abroad and have cast a ballot, call people back home.

This is not someone else’s problem. This is all of our problem, and one way we have to make some difference is to be out there until the last vote is cast…