Time for all of us to kneel at the Anthem

I detest the term: “unAmerican.” But there is such a thing as genuine courage and patriotism. And the resentful orange toupee is now intent on making a Charlottesville of sports…


Bob Maxwell of the Oakland A’s, from a military family, a rookie catcher, took a knee last night. And the Jackson Jaguars (even the owner linking arms) stood up this morning in London for freedom of speech and decency by kneeling. It is time for all of us, particularly us white folks, as Heather Heyer, and many others have done, to join in…


Washington Post on the first baseball player to kneel: http://wapo.st/2jTLsFj

Oakland Athletics catcher Bruce Maxwell catapulted himself into the national political discourse on national anthem protests, one intensified by President Trump’s comments over the weekend, as he knelt for the song preceding a game against the Texas Rangers. . . .

Maxwell, who said he plans to continue his protest, placed his hand on his hand on his heart and faced the flag during the anthem as he took a knee. Teammate Mark Canha placed a hand on his shoulder as he knelt.

“He’s very courageous,” A’s outfielder Khris Davis said. “I respect his decision, he’s just exercising his rights as an American.”

And for the happenings at an NFL game in London today, check out this video at http://bit.ly/2hsmHvp:

. . . quite a few players on both sidelines kneeled down as the Star Spangled Banner played. We can only assume we’ll see this across the league throughout the day.

More to come as games get under way this afternoon.