Korbel Faculty and Staff Open Letter against Trump, Nazi, KKK violence

Trump is an odious racist and authoritarian, from his KKK youth to his latest pardon to Arpaio being but another example of hatred for the rule of law and adoration of Nazis. David Duke and Richard Spencer tweet him love notes. Duke and Spencer are also in love with Russia, styling Putin “the greatest white leader in the world.” Duke has an apartment in Moscow, shared with Heimbach, head of the Traditionalist (the word is Alexander Dugin’s, about destroying the modern world i.e. the world since the Knights Templar) Worker’s Party and assaulter of a black woman, cheered on by the orange toupee, at a rally during the election. Spencer was married to Nina Kouprianova, the translator of Dugin’s 2014 book on Martin Heidegger: a new beginning (Nazis past – Heidegger was in love with “Hitler’s beautiful hands”; Nazis present love Putin and forget the 20 million or so murdered in Russia by the Nazi invasion of “the Wild East.” That these are intellectual monsters and clowns is exhibited in the Nazi?!? adoration of Putin and Putin’s fostering of it.

Anti-fascism, here and in Russia and in Europe, is their enemy.


No wonder Trump and Spencer and Miller (Spencer’s co-worker on hoping to kill immigrants at Duke) and Duke and Heimbach and Breitbart are all on the same page about Charlottesville. White Supremacy means killing and driving out every one else.


Congratulations to my colleagues on the faculty and staff of Korbel who circulated and signed the letter below. It salutes a letter from the Law Faculty as well – and any one of you, please feel free to develop it further in your own context.


To prevent fascism here will take every kind of action, from writing letters to talking person to person to every one of those who are still under the influence of racism and fascism, and to getting out as the heroes in Charlottesville did, Heather Heyer in the forefront, and Susan Bro, her mother, speaking for all of us…


An Open Letter to Our Students and Our Community:

As members of the faculty and staff at the University of Denver’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies we join our colleagues at the Sturm College of Law in feeling both excited at the prospect of engaging with you in the new academic year and horrified by the recent events in Charlottesville and the growing number of racist and white supremacist hate crimes around the country. Acknowledging that white supremacy is not unique to our time should not diminish our outrage. We are researchers and teachers of global politics, committed to fostering an environment for sharing ideas, exchanging views, and debating in an open fashion. We are here to support you as we continue our efforts toward creating such an environment and resisting actions that undermine it.
We therefore endorse the words of our Law School colleagues denouncing white supremacy:

“We are outraged to learn of white supremacists wielding Confederate and Nazi flags; chanting blatantly racist, anti-Semitic, and homophobic slogans; and violently assaulting those protesting their actions. We are devastated by the killing of Heather Heyer, a woman peacefully exercising her right to free speech to protest white supremacy and racism.”

… we write to make absolutely clear our views on these events. We condemn white supremacy in all its names and forms. The white nationalist and Nazi ideologies promoted by the group in Charlottesville are abhorrent. Such views should have no place in our society, in our community, on our campus, and in our classrooms. We stand united against bigotry and racism wherever we find them. Frankly, many of us did not think we would ever find it necessary to say these things that should be obvious truths. But given recent events, we find it vitally important to say them now.

As should be the case at a world-class institution such as ours, we as faculty members hold a wide range of viewpoints. We often disagree with one another. This is as it should be; disagreement sharpens our understanding of the world around us and leads to the advancement of knowledge. But, on some fundamental issues we see no room for disagreement. Condemnation of white supremacy is one.”

Though likely in different ways, these events have affected us all. As a faculty community, we reiterate our mission to support you – and each other – in finding the tools to cope with these effects. As the school year begins, we will find ways to reach out to you but we also want to encourage each of you to reach out to us and to use resources and support systems available on campus and in the community. We are deeply disturbed by recent events, but we also find comfort in many of reactions to them. We look forward to working with you to create an inclusive environment in which to study and exchange ideas about how we can best move forward together.


Kevin Archer
Deborah Avant
Marie Berry
Rae Ann Bories-Easley
Erica Chenoweth
Tamra d’Estree
Daniel Doer
Mandi Donahue
Jack Donnelly
Whitney Doran
Rachel Epstein
Tom Farer
Karen Feste
Lisa Filholm
Rebecca Galemba
Alan Gilbert
Arthur Gilbert
Ilene Grabel
Kendra Grimm
Cullen Hendrix
Jill Hereau
Nader Hashemi
Steve Hedden
Emily Hinga
Allyson Hodges
Lynn Holland
Barry Hughes
Ann Irving
Gina Jannone
Sandy Johnson
Oliver Kaplan
Haider Khan
Alicia Kirkeby
Tom Laetz
Joe Livingston
Julia MacDonald
Jonathan Moyer
Felicia Naranjo Martinez
Chen Reis
Jessica Rettig
Martin Rhodes
Dale Rothman
Tom Rowe
Aaron Schneider
Andrew Scott
Rachel Stevens
Robert Uttaro
Peter Van Arsdale
Suisheng Zhao