Teach-in today about Sanctuary at DU, 2 o’clock, Sie 1020

This afternoon there will be a teach-in on sanctuary at the University of Denver from 2-4 in Sie 1020 (the forum) at which ten measures, some of which have been adopted by the administration, others which we are still discussing with the administration will be explored. Last quarter, our group had large marches to meet with the administration last quarter, participated in big, public gatherings to protect immigrants under threat, and engaged a variety of negotiations with the administration and meetings to discuss how to achieve protections on campus. The teach-in tomorrow is our major public gathering of this quarter.

The courageous Jeanette Vizguerra who has taken sanctuary at the United Universalist Church downtown will Skype in for a 15 minute talk. There will then be a panel of 5 students who are immigrants, a question and answer period, and a talk by a DU Law Professor.

The threat to immigrants is linked, as we just saw with the celebration of the “death to poor and elderly Americans, funnel money to the ultrarich” Act in the House. To treat any of us as less than human, as Martin Niemoller suggested in his famous poem, is to treat all of us as less than human. To put everyone of us at risk. Fighting back against brutality toward immigrants – what the ICE-Nazis and private prisons (Geo Group and Corrections Corporation of American), unleashed by Trump, do – is something that we all have a democratic interest in doing.