The continuing fight for the right to rest: for Joe Salazar, Jovan Melton and many, many others

After hours of heart-rending testimony, the House committee sickenly voted down the Right to Rest. This ensures police sweeps and harassment as a way of life – a shorter life by nearly half – for people who are unhoused. But the community that spoke up, including those who spoke like Paul Boden of the commodification of life – no house, no citizenship – were amazing. The fight for humanity and against the commodification of humans (not only slavery and Jim Crow – sundown laws, but one of the new versions) is growing. See my essay on American Citizenship, affordable housing and people who are homeless.

I sent the following note on Facebook to Joe Salazar and Jovan Melton, who introduced and spoke passionately for the bill:

“Joe Salazar and Jovan Melton,

Thank you for your beautiful and righteous words yesterday especially at the end. This is a long fight, but what you do is of great importance. Erin’s testimony was heartbreaking, Paul Boden’s magnificent and soaring, and I think the eight on the state legislature had better not look in a mirror again: it will break…

Keep up the fight, on this and other issues. You are the people’s champions…”


This responded to a note from Darren O’Connor:

“April 19 at 10:52pm ·

Listening to Rep. Joseph Salazar and Rep Jovan E. Melton making closing statements on Right To Rest Act. Thank you and God bless you both.’

It linked to the bill and the testimony (the latter currently doesn’t work, however).