Workshop at DU: decolonizing the classroom, Friday, 3-4:15

Kristy Kumar sent me the following announcement about an important workshop, now called a colonial harm-reduction workshop in Sturm Hall, room 434, Friday afternoon 3-4:15. This will be a very lively session, challenging the often unconscious colonization/racism/sexism/hierarchy of the class room, and raising many important questions. She also called it a reducing harm workshop (since settler colonialism has murdered so many). For some of the amazing, but buried influence of the idea of the domination of the white race inside and outside the United States and eugenics well into the 1930s and with a long afterlife, see Robert Vitalis, White World Order, Black Power. Vitalis reveals that the origin of the famous diplomatic journal Foreign Affairs was the Journal of Race Development


“10 Ways for Decolonizing the Classroom
By Dr. Marie Berry and Kristy Kumar

This session explores ways to build resistance into our classrooms. It will interrogate the colonial roots of much academic pedagogy and scholarship, which centers whiteness, genders the classroom, assumes citizenship and class, and reinforces other dominant ideologies consciously or unconsciously. Our aim in the session will be to provide 10 tangible ways that educators and students can subvert these systems of learning through a process of decolonization. This process assumes that the classroom is a space in which both the teacher and the student are responsible for their collective learning and sees both as educators and learners. This form of educational resistance seeks to honor the many stories and many truths of all bodies in the classroom.”