Sweeps of people who are without homes, Nov. 16, and live videos of Denver’s double-cross yesterday


Broadway, November 16, 2016

A bicycle on the garbage truck


police nearby

a walker for some older

person in the street

yellow tape

piled high

cops circle

waiting to be pushed out

or drunken ill

or drugged


or sweeping

so nice so nice

a wheelchair

A blonde man has put together

Belongings of several on a longcartwiredtogether

moves inventively


the priest

the people

skills in the street


feeds some


have no car


One woman

storage place in Aurora

do not cry

went to retrieve her belongings

from the March



Tuesday’s sweep “cleaned” the street but did not drive out the people.  The police pledged not to.  Many observers/supporters of people without homes were present, including a member of the interfaith alliance, a priest, several reporters, Denver Homeless Outloud, I and my wife and many others.  A sunny day.  A small victory for humanity.


Yesterday in the snow, the police and Mayor Hancock broke their word.  PJ D’Amico made live videos of the rousting.  No right to rest…Each of the tapes is worth listening to.  4 of them are at my Facebook page for November 17:


It would be easy to treat people who are homeless humanely.  That is not capitalist America, providing no affordable housing, where more and more people, particularly women with children, fall off the edge.

Least of all is it Denver.

Mayor Hancock was taken, as a boy, couch-surfing by his mother.  Instead of compassion, he is in denial. Against the racist madness of the President-elect, Hancock said: this city has your back.  But black folks, indigenous people, women, poor whites, Chicanos – all are on the street.  This city provides less to the homeless, and its sweeps display more cruelty than those of many others (Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake, for example).


The dignity of the least of these, as Jesus or Marx said,  is the dignity of all of us.  If we allow our fellow human beings – just people who have found their way into difficult circumstances in a cruel capitalist culture –  increasingly, we, too, will find little.