A day in Charlotte USA

A man sits in his car waiting to pick up his son.
Every day, a man sits in his car, waiting to pick up    
most of us do this, waiting for a son, a daughter,
a granddaughter
some days, he picks up his neighbor’s son, too.  She tells the story to



every day, the man has a book
listen  listen  listen
everybody who lives here
every day
likes him
father of 7
waits in his car
with a
every day,
takes a pill
One day,
cops look for somebody else.  This man, no 
suspect,   drives up
beside them
scream at him
guns drawn
force him out   
emerges slowly, hands in the air
His wife runs screaming towards them,
her camera…
walks back toward the car.  Slowly.
Don’t shoot him!  He has no weapon.  He 
has a TBI.  Don’t
A cop
You Better Not Have Fucking Killed Him
shoots him dead
A little boy comes
people demonstrate led by ministers.
Police in RiotGear
do not arrest the shooter
one of their own
the National Guard
Police do not release
the names

rifles in hand
the tape