Poem: Joseph Hutchison and E.E. Cummings on John Yoo

          In response to my post on Gerard Anderson’s attempt to praise John Yoo/Cheney for pettifogging, after the fact,  criminal, still secret “distinctions” about torture at the expense of Jon Stewart here, Joe Hutchison, author of A Marked Man on Silas Soule – see here –  and  Colorado poet laureate, sent the following (amusing) musing on E.E. Cummings and Yoo:

    “Alan, you may remember e. e. cummings famous poem skewering Louis Untermeyer:

mr u will not be missed
who as an anthologist
sold the many on the few
not excluding mr u

Well, with that in mind:

mr yoo will not be missed
who as a torture apologist
sold a thousand lies as true
not excluding mr yoo’s