Rachel Harding on Remnants, Iliff School of Theology, 4 pm this Friday

     Rachel Harding, the daughter of  Rosemary Freeney Harding and Vincent Harding, will speak on her mother’s resonant role in the civil rights and peace movements and her new book Remnants: A Memoir of Spirit, Activism and Mothering tomorrow from 4 to 6  – Friday, July 10th – at the Iliff School of Theology. Rosemary told Rachel many, many stories while Rachel was taking care of her when she was dying.


     Rachel is a deep student of indigenous and slave cultures and religions, keeping and transforming African dance and song, throughout our hemisphere, notably Candomble in Brazil.  She is also the author of Refuge in the Thunder – see here and listen here.


      In an interview with Elana Klaver on KGNU last week, Rachel recalled her mother’s story of Ruby Sales and a young minister Jonathan Daniels who had just been released from prison.  They walked to a restaurant and the owner, a “deputy,” aimed a shot gun at Sales.  Jonathan pushed her down, leaping in front of her, and took the bullet (King said: this was the most Christian act he had heard of in the movement…).  Listen here.


    Though I never met him at Harvard, Jonathan Daniels was a beginning English student in the same undergraduate class. After the first year, he left to become an Episcopal minister.  Many of us – I think of John Perdew – turned South to fight for equality – see here and here – as did my friend from New York, Andy Goodman.


    Here is a note about the event from Gloria Smith, Veterans of Hope:

“Dear Friends,

Just a reminder regarding tomorrow’s book launch of Remnants:  A Memoir of Spirit, Activism and Mothering by Rachel Harding and her late mom, Rosemarie Freeney Harding.

The event will be held at the Iliff School of Theology, 2323 E. Iliff Avenue, Denver, from 4-6pm.  Free parking available in Parking Lot C.
This is a free event and you do not have to purchase a book.  Just come for fellowship, food and to help us celebrate the launch of the Remnants!

We look forward to celebrating with you.