Petition Congress: sign the nuclear deal with Iran

     The following petition is being circulated by the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center in Boulder, and by some of us in Denver to Colorado representatives.  But anyone can adapt it to their own community, including abroad.  
    To add your name (and organization) to the list, just send me an email OK:

Senator Michael Bennet Senator Cory Gardner Rep. Jared Polis Rep. Diana DeGette
      We are writing to urge you to make a public statement in support of a final Iran nuclear deal. As concerned organizations and citizens of Colorado, we are in support of an Iran deal because failing to secure an agreement could lead to war.
     We urge you to vote for approval of the Iran deal and block any vote of disapproval. The U.S. diplomatic team has achieved great progress in creating a robust framework for a final agreement that will cut the number of Iran’s centrifuges by two-thirds, reduce the amount of low enriched uranium from 10,000 kg to 300 kg, and give IAEA inspectors access to nuclear facilities and the entire supply chain.
       If Congress continues to undermine this effort, and ultimately disapproves of a final agreement, the international sanctions regime would quickly unravel, the progress that has been made would disappear, and U.S. credibility would be tarnished.
         Congressional disapproval could lead the American people into a war with Iran. The costs of this war would be calculated in the billions of dollars, in global instability, and in thousands of American and Iranian lives. Former Mossad chief Efraim Halevy even argues that any war with Iran would be “generations-long.”
       The American people deserve the security that an Iran deal would provide. The alternatives are tragic and unacceptable.
       Please let us know your views on this matter at your earliest convenience.

       Sincerely, ______