4 videos from the Acknowledgment and Repair for the Sand Creek Massacre Conference

   Alan Maki and several others wrote for the four videos of the conference to be posted in one place.  Here are the addresses:


       Here is a list of topics and panelists. Panel One:  John Evans Study Committee Report
Dean Saitta, David Halaas, Nancy Wadsworth, Richard Clemmer-Smith, Alan Gilbert, Billy Stratton, Steven Fisher
Panel Two:  Possibilities of Repair; Truth Commissions, Reparations and Cultural Restoration
David Akerson, Henry Little Bird, Tink Tinker, Billy Stratton, Andrew Reid

Panel Three:  Public Recognition and Acknowledgement
Nancy Wadsworth, Gail Ridgely, Joe Big Medicine, Ernest House, Rebecca Chopp, Elaine Stanovsky, Tom Wolfe
Panel Four:  Learning and Healing;  Continuing the Conversation
Ramona Beltran, Joe Big Medicine, Henry Little Bird, Tamra Pearson d’Estree, Anne Hayden, Tom Hayden, Laurel Hayden, Gail Ridgely

    In my previous post on panel four here, I got Anne Hayden’s name wrong for which I apologize.

    Thanks to Tamra d’Estree of the Conflict Resolution Institute and to students Marissa Loterina and Tara Dillon for the hard work during the end of term to get these ready and uploaded so they can be available to share with others.