poem: the death of Freddy Gray (and some good news)

    As a result of nationwide protest, Marilyn Mosby, district attorney is enfacing the law.  This is enormously heartening.  Here is the announcement:
    “Baltimore’s top prosecutor announced criminal charges Friday against all six officers suspended after a man suffered a fatal spinal injury in police custody. The announcement came after nearly two weeks of growing anger over Freddie Gray’s death, and only hours after she received the results of a police investigation.

     Marilyn Mosby said the switchblade officers accused Gray of illegally carrying clipped inside his pants pocket was in fact a legal knife, and no justification for his arrest. State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby announced the stiffest charge — second-degree depraved heart murder — against the driver of the police van. Other officers faced charges of involuntary manslaughter, assault and illegal arrest.
     “No one is above the law,” Mosby said at a news conference.”.
    Yesterday, the “leaked” police’s attempt (as in Ferguson) to justify murder  (in the Ferguson case, acceded to in a federal investigation because of conflicting testimony)  led to this poem.  And that would have been “the law” – widespread, in fact, bizarre discretion for police brutality, upheld by prosecutors, politicians and the press – without all the nationwide protest.
            The death of Freddy Gray

The man’s belly

severed his  spine
at the neck
flows upward
assaulted the policeman’s
to the blue