March for Justice for 5 people shot in Denver Saturday February 14 2 o’clock at Lincoln Park

     In Denver, the police shot Sharod Kindell, a 23 year old, who had just taken formula to his brother for the baby, seeking to hurry back to dinner with his 2 children 5 times for sitting in his car while black.  They would not tell his mother or his wife where he was or anything about what had happened to him for days.  It took brother Jeff speaking with police chief White to get his mother to see him and confirm that he was alive.


     Jessica Hernandez was driving a car (allegedly a stolen car) full of passengers.  Two police opened fire on the car, killing her.  One of the officers was struck by the car in the leg (very likely after the

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driver was shot – police chief White said he could not speak to the facts at a community meeting, held after several demonstrations – two weeks ago.


    This Saturday, there will be a protest at Lincoln Park at 2 pm organized by those who believe that Black Lives Matter! just as all lives matter (I was just in Winnipeg to give a lecture and 60 students held a solidarity rally with Black Lives Matter! which I went to just before I spoke). There is an uprising especially of young people raising their voices against police murder and the systemic racism that spawns it, of standing up for genuine democracy.


   In civilized societies, police do not carry guns and do not routinely shoot, let alone kill often innocent citizens, in these cases for the “crime” of driving or being in a car (See “Police killings US 459 Britain and Japan 0” here).  A beautiful drawing of Jessie Hernandez is on this poster.  Look into her eyes…


Everyone must read this. This is the mother of Sharod Kindell. So heartbreaking.
Statement from Sharod Kindell’s mother:


On Jan 9th around 10pm I received a text from my daughter in law asking if I had heard from Sharod,
I was just leaving Choir Rehearsal so I responded to her no why what’s up? I hadn’t heard from him but I just assumed my son was okay. I pray every night that my kids will be safe and secure. I trust God always. Then…his wife sent me a link from 9news showing me a story about a police shooting.


She told me that he left to go take my other son some infant formula because his baby had ran out. We are family we support each other. They had some extra so he could help. Sharod takes care of his kids and supports his family in taking care of theirs. He told his brother he would drop some off quickly as his family was getting ready to sit down for dinner. So my son headed on his five block quick journey and told Chanel “I’ll be right back.” She was expecting him to come back right away. He didn’t


She began texting him around 8 because when he says he is going to do something he does it. Usually if he says I’ll be right back he comes right back. He never keeps his babies waiting. So she started searching and found the link. She sent me the link and my heart dropped. Then my heart skipped a couple of beats. I recognized the car right away. But I still wanted this not to be happening and I wanted it to be a bad dream I could wake up from began calling him myself with no response. I asked others to call with no contact. I asked family and friends on facebook and still received no response. My son was missing. In my heart I immediately knew it was him. My mother’s heart knew something was wrong but I didn’t know what at the time.


I started wondering could it be the Denver Police Department was withholding information from me. I am and always have been his next of kin. I have been his emergency contact along with Chanel. I just
couldn’t take it anymore the not knowing and panic was overwhelming. Finally I turned on my police
scanner and heard the name Kindell which is my son’s last name. I knew now something had happened and still nobody would give me answers. He wasn’t at University, Denver Health gave me no answers so all through the night I sat awake trying to find my son.


Around 5 that morning my other son went to University to physically confirm he was not there so I decided to call my other children and my daughter in law to go to Denver Health Medical Center. This is
where he was. So I joined them in the emergency dept. they had been cryptic with the other members ofthe family and finally I was told he was there. They stated they would send someone to come down and
talk to us.Time couldn’t have moved slower.Time not only seemed to move slow but minutes seemed like hours as they took their time to get to us. When the two officers came to greet me they had sort of a little smirk on their faces. They had malice in their eyes as they addressed me. They seemed to enjoy the unrest they could see and feel in my being. I asked about my son and I was told “oh he’s ok he just has minor leg and arm non-life threating injuries, he’s up and talking and joking.” They then took my number and said they would have someone call me. As of today no one from the Denver Police Department nor any representative has called me. No representative has called explaining anything about my son. We sat waiting patiently waiting for over 4 hours with no updates. We didn’t know they were operating on him. We didn’t know he was sedated and undergoing lifesaving procedures. We made no decisions on his behalf nor were we asked to as his family, emergency contacts or next of kin. The atmosphere was hostile and they were trying to dismiss us and almost demand that we leave. Finally, frustrated and overwhelmed because they chose not to inform me and I felt helpless, tired and drained I told the kids I was ready to go. Then as we were exiting we were hit with information we were not ready for. My daughter in law then went to the counter to ask about Sharod again and was told he was in the ICU in stable condition.

I immediately blew up. I work for Doctors so I know that the ICU unit means Sharods situation was worse then what they were telling me. I asked why I wasn’t called. I tried to be rational with them inquiring why I wasn’t contacted. I asked even though this is a police involved shooting it’s my understanding that if the patient is critical a family point of contact was to be made. They gave me a non-answer. I was told the police ordered a no contact order in the surgery unit. By this time I am angry and demanding to know what they did to my son. Still I received no answer. Finally I went home around 2pm and basically cried the whole day. I went into prayer but I had emotions that overwhelmed me despair, anger, panic, worry, frustration. I had no Idea what my son’s condition was. I was constantly calling the hospital to get any Information I could to no avail. I was still having the HIPAA law thrown in my face as an excuse. I finally told them I work in Medical Records therefore if my son is alive you can go ask my 23 yr old adult son if it was ok for me to get updates. He is old enough to sign the paper. I told them they could then put it in his record and give me the information I needed. They then told me “oh it’s up to the police department because they have a police hold on him.” I asked “why was he in ICU?’ I was then told in a sarcastic manner “that’s where we take all police gunshot victims because we have to make sure their ok.” The receptionist treated me like I was this big dummy who didn’t know any better

Calling around we were given 5 different numbers to call to try and get someone to tell me about my Son. We got the run around and no answers and to this day are receiving little to no information. When my Daughter in law called district 5 she was told “oh he’s ok he’s breathing ain’t he”. Who does says that to a worried family member? Who treats people like that? Now I’m very furious. Not knowing who to call who to turn to I began reaching out to friends and family hoping someone would help me, all day Saturday and into the night Saturday I was still trying to find out my son’s exact condition and with every phone call I was told he only sustained Leg and arm gunshot wounds and that he was ok. Sunday morning I couldn’t take it anymore so I got up and went to church.


My daughter texted me Sunday and said I’m going down to this hospital and I’m not leaving until I get answers. She finally was told by a guard in the Infirmary that Sharod was ok but sustained some pretty serious injuries its now 5pm Sunday and we still had not heard from Sharod. No calls no official status updates no calls from the police department or Denver Health. My biggest fear was something was very wrong and if they didn’t get my Son to call home my whole family was going to have to go there because we are now into two days not hearing from Sharod. All hell was going to break loose. Finally Realization:
My son called me around 8:15 pm very distraught very much short of breath and crying very hard. He proceeded to tell me what happened and that he was shot in his groin, arm, and leg and he wasn’t quite sure but his stomach. He insisted he did nothing wrong and the cops shot him for no reason he said he had his hands up and he was shot for knowing his rights. He then told me they shot his femoral artery. I told him he was very lucky to be alive and I truly broke down at that point wondering why did this and why did they lie? Why wasn’t I called? My son continued to cry even harder because they shot him in his right hand which is very dismantled and has screws and wires all through it. My soul just dropped. My baby was dang near death and they denied me access to him. Even now I couldn’t go see him. No one I knew could go see him. No familiar faces or people he knew or felt safe around could gain access. What were they, the Denver Police, hiding. Still disheartened I watched the news. I was amused and it’s still mighty funny to me that Saturday they were talking about this shooting on the morning news and all of a sudden it was not even mentioned. Hmmm a police shooting is usually all over the news. Why is Sharod different? Monday morning when I got up still there was still no news but my co-worker said that on the Denver post on line they stated the victim was 17 year old Sharrod Kindell and they were still investigating what happen why a traffic stop turned into a shooting. I said to myself that’s funny because they had Sharod’s name and DOB why list him as 17 years old. Then when I looked online the Denver Post all of a sudden changed it to a 17 yr. old whose name can’t be mentioned because he was a minor. I thought to myself what is really going on? What are they covering up?


Still not able to see my son the whole week between the 10th thru the 16th I was demanding answers because on Tues. the 13th my son was taken out of DH ICU and down to the Infirmary. His injuries were life threatening and quite critical and I didn’t understand this. So I made some phone calls where I was able to speak to some of the people in charge of his care. To no avail they tried to reassure me that he was being taken care of. I know for a fact they don’t do much in Infirmaries to take care of a patient who has an open scrotum wound still does to this day, can’t walk can’t use his hands. Something is very wrong here. Yet and still they tried to keep me calm and reassure me. It wasn’t and isn’t working because my son still needs hospital care. Why isn’t my son in the hospital now? I called and asked Sheriff Diggins about his transfer. I asked why did they transfer my son to a place where he could not be properly monitored nor taken care of. He chose not to call me back but instead he had his head nurse on duty to call to try and reassure me that Sharod would be ok. In jail in a detention facility they just can’t handle taking care of him with these types of wounds.


I expressed that to the fullest On Tuesday Jan 20 when they scheduled Sharod for his first advisement. Yes 11 days later they finally formally charged him. While in court and after we got there the 10am docket had been delayed to 11:30. They bought Sharod to the Courtroom at 11am. With this groin injury he should not have been sitting in a wheelchair for a long period of time They were delayed so much that the PD had to ask them to call his case because his injuries where in such a delicate spot and he had already been sitting there in pain for two hours. The court called him up to the podium and the PD immediately asked for a bond reduction because of Mr Kindell’s health so he could get bonded out and his family could get him back into the hospital to be properly taken care. He has had numerous bond increases and deductions mystery and unscheduled court appearances and this process is far from transparent. When he came from court during one of these hearings family stated the cops where in court laughing and having a good time with the DA. When the DA called Sharod up, both cops got big smiles on their faces. They marveled in my son’s pain. As of today Sharod’s bond instead of being lowered like they promised on the Tuesday court date it was raised and raised again. Our justice system has a lot of flaws and it is my mission to make these flaws accounted for. My son needs to be in a hospital and the numerous violations of his rights and his in humane conditions need to be answered for.”



Last Words From Jessica Hernandez, Killed by Cops

By Show and Tell Wed., Feb. 4 2015 at 5:00 AM
Jessica Hernandez.
Jessica Hernandez.
Facebook via New York Daily News

Here are two of the poems Hernandez wrote while with that group:Before seventeen-year-old Jessica Hernandez became a household name after she was shot to death by Denver officers while in a stolen car, she was part of Art From Ashes, a local program — and MasterMind Award winner — that works with at-risk youth through creative-empowerment workshops.

3 Minute Poem

My mother taught me yellow and red
She taught me
The right words
My manners
How to be generous
And how to be happy
How to smile at the worst times
She taught me all I know now
And she also taught me to be patient
And not to hurt others
If they’re not hurting me
But there’s one thing she taught me the most
Is how to look joyful
And to respect things that are not mine
The dance my father taught me was some type of dance!
He taught me how to stomp my feet with combos
And how to keep his tradition going
He taught me all the kicks he did
I learned them
And now I could probably knock someone out
With a kick
Because he got me to working on my legs…
— Jessica Hernandez, 2014
I Seem to Be, But Really I Am, and I Choose to Be
I am kind and respectful
Others see me as a disrespectful teenager
That just likes to get in trouble
But really I am a kid that wants a good education
My parents see me as an irresponsible child
But really I am taking care of other things
I don’t want trouble
They see me as a mean kid with a lot of hate
But really I like to be nice and loving
I seem to be a fighter
Someone who doesn’t like connections
It seems I don’t want peace
But really I am outgoing
I like to play sports
I wanna get my education
I like to smell good and look nice
I can soon buy myself a bike
And my own car once I get a good job
But really I do want peace
Where there is no violence
I really don’t want to fight
I really would love to have connections with everybody
Without any trouble
I love having people around to get to know them
I choose to be kind to others I don’t know
I choose to be loud at points
I choose to be happy, smiling all the time
I choose to be a good student
Even if that doesn’t get me any friends
I choose to be anything, if it’s a good thing
That I know won’t get me in trouble sometimes
I choose to be the big sister for all my younger siblings
I choose to be a good role model from now on
Even if temptations are in the way
I choose to live a good teenage life
— Jessica Hernandez, 2013″