November 25, 2017

As I hurried across campus

early to a gathering

on a brightbrightSaturday

Otto Braidedhair

first of the runners

waves me over

gets out the beautifulbue

Cheyenne flag

white rectangle

4 spike directions

a campus once of John Evans

Methodist butcher

John Chivington

at Sand Creek

today a site of healing

Provost Gregg Kvistad apologizes

reaches out

to those driven by murder

to Wind River

Otto and Conrad


North and South

Why are there no Aparahos

two beautiful flags

will be raised beside the American

the drummers begin


and Colorado flag

in Arapaho County?

for a soldier people

who justly fought the settlers’ invasion

but made peace and yet

they will run to the grave of Silas Soule

who had his men hold fire

and told the truth to Washington

were slaughtered

babies and mothers

old men

Silas, too,


and Conrad says,

in the beautiful air

soldiered on in World War I


not like Chivington

not citizens til 1924

we all join the victory dance

a whirling two step

two carry the great drum

old and young


and the drummers beat

energy of song

and round

and on

the DU redbrickwalkway

never seen

on Cheyenne and Arapaho land

in these parts

since dark November 1864

the runners present the folded flags

to Gregg and Billy Stratton

each dancer

comes to shake their hand

a circle step

look in their eye

in a broad weave of healing