video of Korbel School teach-in on resisting Trump

This is a video of a teach-in about resisting the Presidential movement toward autocracy/fascism in America at the Korbel School of International Studies attended by several hundred students at the end of January (h/t Tiffany Wilk). Nader Hashemi Marie Berry, Erica Chenoweth, I and George Demartino talked about various features of the unfolding fascism – the denial/dehumanization of the non-white and immigrant population here and abroad, with enormous negative effects on most whites as well – and the many and diverse actions that are being organized against it. Erica Chenoweth spoke eloquently about the importance of talking with relatives and others who were once or perhaps still are Trump supporters. Both she and I spoke to the importance of Black Lives Matter and allying with community groups, particularly immigrants who are threatened. Through a much more extensive, democratic and conversational politics, we can build a massive non-violent uprising from below, not just, as it already is, on many diverse issues, but to sweep fascism from power and change the direction of our country.