Video of DU protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline

The business school at the University of Denver held a pipeline conference with oil executives.  No critical voice or conversation allowed.  Police stood in the doorways.  Students from outside the hospitality school could not go in, even to pee.  In some places, money talks…


I and Paula Bard attended a protest gathering that grew to a thousand over several hours, snaked around the building and up again beyond Anderson Academic Commons, marched in the street.  Even in the building, the determined dollar signs could not avoid hearing us.  Water is sacred.  Global warming is destroying the planet and all life.


An activist from Standing Rock gave a large number of us instruction on nonviolent protest, including two lines imitating demonstrators and the hostile.  This is an old and admirable training procedure from the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (you can find it in the segment of Eyes on the Prize on one organized by James Foreman for Mississippi Freedom Summer).


We are part of the many actions here and around the world.  Bernie Sanders spoke eloquently in front of the White House, and Obama should wake up, remember himself, join in.  Masters of the Pipeline and Trumpi0la, you will not succeed.  The whole world is watching.  And everyone, including businesses who are alive (not including those who organized this conference) know that the only future- humanity’s future – is with solar and wind…



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