Reverend Butch Montoya on people who are homeless

Those who disregard people who are homeless, who give them no place to rest, organize sweeps, steal their few belongings include Mayor Hancock of Denver and other urban Democratic office holders. Their depredations will be made easier by the new Trump era.

And yet these three letters, in response to my last post, all speak to a humanity and resistance which is widespread among ordinary people. It was, as Paula Bard reminds me, even more widespread during the Great Depression – something similar to now, but where many families would feed people, unemployed, who came to their door.


Butch Montoya emphasizes seeing the people in Denver and acting to awaken the Mayor’s onetime Christianity. His is not the Christianity of Martin King.

Many institutions to help the poor are in the neighborhood, but allowed the sweep to go on. There is a long way to go in awakening these institutions and leaders.


Maya Reson emphasizes feeding decent food to the homeless in Venice Beach, and recognizes a commonality of sweeps. And LA has a Chicano mayor. Heartlessness, forgetting about where people came from now that they are so powerful and linked to propertied interests, is, sadly, a common thing.


But note how hopeful it is – shown also by the supporters there on November 16 where the homeless were not moved out – that many people who are homeless take action for themselves, that so many take actions to help people who are homeless, that there is now and will be a greater movement for humanity from below in this narcissistic capitalist society…




What can we do to help the homeless? Somehow we must appeal to Mayor Hancock’s Christian background and training as a Deacon of his church.

It is saddening to see how the homeless and poor are treated by this city’s administration and public agencies.

I stand ready to do what I can. I drove by on the day the city was moving the homeless. It was very sad and disturbing sight to watch the forced move of the homeless.

We have outlawed just about any place the homeless can live, and yet have done nothing to provide the necessary housing for these people. While most of the nonprofit agencies that provide services to the homeless are in this general vicinity, I don’t understand why we keep pushing them away.

God bless you for your efforts to keep this issue in the forefront of problems we must address.

Rev Fidel “Butch” Montoya
Executive Director
Latino Faith Initiative
H. S. Power & Light Ministries
Denver, Colorado 80212


Amy Harlib wrote from New York:

I am so horrified at what this country has become – a rogue state of unbridled greed and sadistic cruelty and violence. Barbarians rule – I am ashamed to be a citizen and I am trapped. Have no resources to leave. Must stay and cope.

Bless all who resist this nightmare.


Myla Reson wrote from Venice Beach in Los Angeles, about feeding the homeless

I’m not quite sure how I happen to be included on this particular list – but I’m glad I’m on it – and quite glad that I received Alan Gilbert’s important post.

I live in southern California, and I work with a team of dedicated individuals who serve a Sunday night sumptuous, hot organic meal to our neighbors who sleep on the cold hard sidewalk on 3rd street behind the public storage facility in Venice Beach.

I thought Alan was describing a recent sweep in Venice Beach – Sadly, the sweeps happen here, too.