Video of my talk on exit polls/wild discrepancies in the “machine-recorded” vote at the First Unitarian Universalist Church last Sunday

        This is the video of a talk including questions and answers about exit polling and the vast discrepancies in 9 Democratic primaries this year.  It speaks to the question of whether each of our votes now counts or can be easily stolen.  It is tied to the question raised by Hiawatha Bray, the technology reporter at the Boston Globe, here, of whether if the Russians hacked the DNC’s grotesque emails, they might hack the election, too.  Perhaps that fear will allow the bipartisan consensus, corporate media yelling “American elections are fair, fair”; “the initial exit polls aren’t reliable; anybody who thinks otherwise is a conspiracy theorist” (so we don’t have to think about evidence and argument).  Anybody who thinks Hillary was a clear winner over Bernie or that Bush won the 2004 election should listen to this talk, read my careful piece on this fundamental issue about democracy – Why a Tyrant would dance a jig at American exit “polls”  or how can citizens ever know that American elections are fair?  the three stories of Joe Lenski here, and provide some answers to the reasonable worries, some clarity about how our votes, without a paper trail even on optical scan machines, are now counted.

   People stayed for a long long time asking questions or raising arguments.  These, too, are in the video.  Once again, see  here or

h/t Sean Ray