Poem: Ali

                          It was not one day not butterflyfloatParkinson’s beestinging this giant of a man pretty and swift inspiring all to resist worth race wars of “the white man” living Muslim for peace brother to all it is not one day not worth taking in this spirit dancing …

Poem: Denver

            And you work for rain no place to stay cold rain under bitter stars you work for rain of bright buildings overseen by clouds shivering under orange lamp soaking through clothing no shelter you work for rain

Jerry Brown, Bull Connor and Republican Governors – or how the Democratic elite suppresses democracy

Bernie Sanders campaign, relying on contributions of ordinary folks – a profound democratic “innovation” among corporate candidates – and coming “out of nowhere” with a decent and clearly stated program, has been a miracle of democracy.  Below Greg Palast spells out part of the rotten California swindle (goes along with New York, Arizona, Massachusetts and …

Why a tyrant would dance a jig at American exit “polling” or how can citizens ever know that American elections are fair? – the three stories of Joe Lenski

     Consider the absence of exit polls, the wide mischanneling of independent voters (nap) into not casting valid ballots, misregistrations (see below), and the California primary yesterday in the light of my account of New York.  This is written for any person who cares about the fairness of American elections…                       1. Elections must …

Sean King nails the AP’s anti-democratic maneuver on the eve of the last primaries

                   It is a good day to go vote.  Among other matters, this is a defiance of the AP’s/corporate press’s anti-democratic maneuver, as Sean King says below, a secret survey of party elites. *** KING: Hillary Clinton 
did not win   the 
Democratic Primary,
she won a secret 
survey of party elites Hillary …