Poem: who is the wolf?

Who is the wolf,       Washington said savages taking their land wolves rending flesh less than human who is the wolf,       George Washington stealing land in Ohio taking lives dreamily Gnadenhutten steamily hunting skinning  Tall man seeing his big red overhot face baring its teeth in the mirror

Marwan Barghouti’s powerful words from prison: the last day of the Occupation will be the first day of peace

       Marwan Barghouti has resisted Israeli oppression since he was 15 years old (for forty years).  He has been jailed again since the first intifada on accusations of murder.  His case is reminiscent of Nelson Mandela (see the 2014 Martin Linton column “Release Marwan Barghouti.  He can be Palestine’s Nelson Mandela” in the …

Poem: mirrors

After the ghetto in East Jerusalem in Warsaw a settler rabbi was killed SS Heydrich was killed Lidice a thousand checkpoints the Presiding official issued (what is the poetry stern orders Grossaktion Warschau in slaughter? to kill and discipline the

For Stanley Hoffmann, 1928-2015

           Social Studies was an interdisciplinary major for 25 students, created by Stanley Hoffmann, talking with other intellectuals, like Alexander Gerschenkron, the economic historian, and Barrington Moore, the political scientist/historical sociologist at Harvard.  It was not social science because though Stanley kept up with it for a while, he thought it was mostly amusing.  IQ …

The danger of renewed Cold War with Iran

   The 5+1 Treaty with Iran was a major victory – a step forward – for cooling down tensions in the Middle East and achieving world peace.  It was a break by Obama with past American belligerence and unilateralism toward Europe and others, a hope for less American carnage and destruction in the Middle East. …

Poem: Second Chance

A calm gaze the big black horse jumper abandoned spirit of the place heartbeat to heartbeat smiling crooked teeth rescued by for food friend red jacket protector against cold on the fence forlorn