Poem: turning

    Atlanta one time home to the Man market Stonewall poked Whitehall prodded Strange fruit today in the Forrest mouth pried no bright peachtrees I walk Andrew Young International Blvd peach Ralph David Abernathy a song Boule vard Xamona goldred Joe Lowery King dead these 50 years by Lady almost civilized

Poem: when a dead blackbird

when a dead blackbird stares at you out of paradise wings clutched spiky little feet companion to wolves when the dead and humans our companeros sounds of other people move beneath the floor long slaughtered or on a path down to a child in the womb then the sunlight of the settler cut and scalped …

Gil Caldwell on Black Lives Matter and Gay Marriage, the decadence of Republican Presidential candidates and the emptiness of many “liberals”

   My friend Gil Caldwell writes below a letter and a long piece on the alliance of the struggle for recognition of African-Americans, women and gay couples.  He particularly emphasizes Ta-Nahisi Coates’ important book, Between the World and Me – seehere – which is the story, in the form of a letter to his son, about …

Poem: ghetto

                Nabi Saleh Would the young ma c hine who threw 12  year old  Mohammed one arm against a rock     have thrown a rock would Jewish girls like Nariman have reached in crumbling Warsaw fiercely for their son?